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Schleich bayala 42444 Seras magic flower boat

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Schleich bayala 42444 Seras magic flower boat

Sera’s magical flower boat not only looks beautiful, you can also discover a lot on it. For example a treasure chest that you can hide behind a secret flap and much more. Also on board are the funny flying squirrels, which look out for new magical adventures in the lookout and which you can slide down to the others on deck via a rope. And the cute Enhjørning Føl, who likes to ride in a small dinghy, but also likes to be a guest on board. You can enjoy the view together on the sun deck. At night, the canopy turns it into a cosy place to sleep. Where you like it, you can simply drop anchor. Have fun on your adventure trip across the sea of your imagination.

Worth knowing:

Sera prefers to take her twin sister Surah with her and together they experience great adventures.


  • The cute flying squirrel can sit in the lookout and whiz down the rope.
  • Protect yourself with the canopy at night and enjoy the view from the sun deck during the day!
  • Hide the treasure chest behind the secret flap!
  • Let the flying squirrel whiz down the slide!
  • Sera can put on and take off her scarf!



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